OC Data

Stop locations

The stop locations come from the Google Maps mashup: http://www.octranspo.com/maps/busstops/map.asp

The code is in the same repository as OC by E-mail. The script is called stopMashupLeech.py. The mashup only takes street addresses and intersections, so the stop leech starts at Kent & Albert and moves outward using the addresses in the stops themselves. That covers most of Ottawa, then there are a few other seed addresses to fill in the blanks - in grabs/seeds.txt.

If you download the source code and point a browser at file:///path/to/stopMashupCoverage.html, you can see the areas covered by the searches.

Bus routes

The stop schedules (http://www.octranspo.com/mapscheds/stopscheds/BusStop_menuE.htm) seem to show all the stops on each route, so it shouldn't be too hard to match them up with the stops from above.


I'm sure somebody will think of something to do with it.

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