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The domain "hurts.ca" seems to have expired, and my emails aren't getting responses, so I'm guessing this method is dead.

The OC by E-mail service provides an e-mail interface to the OC Transpo Travel Planner, so you can plan a route from a cell phone or Blackberry.

Send a trip command on one line to ac.struh|co#ac.struh|co. The message subject is ignored. Here are some examples:

31 antares to 81 florence
stop 6097 to bayshore at 830 pm
merivale and baseline to 6097 by 9

To get a reminder, send the word "help" to ac.struh|co#ac.struh|co (don't bother with a Subject).


Specify a starting and ending address using:

  • street addresses ("31 antares");
  • intersections ("Baseline and Merivale");
  • bus stop numbers ("stop 6097" or just "6097");
  • OC Transpo landmarks ("bayshore", "mayfair")

Separate the addresses by the word "to".

By default, the planner gives you about three minutes to tie your shoes before you walk to the bus stop. You can change the departure time by adding "by time" to the end of the command, or set an arrival time by adding "at time". If you don't specify "am" or "pm", it defaults to AM.

Example response

merivale and caldwell to mayfair

-10:39 walk Merivale/Kingston (4800)
-10:40 14 St Lau to Gladstone/Bank at 10:58
-walk Bank/Mcleod (2489)
-11:05 1 South Key to Bank/Aylmer at 11:11
-walk Mayfair Cinema 11:13

Using a Rogers cell phone

Create a text message to +0000000000 (plus sign, ten zeroes). In the message put the address ac.struh|co#ac.struh|co, then a space, then your command.


The Python is totally amateur, but there is a bit of an API. The main script is mailPlanner.py. There's a simpler example in runPlanner.py — you can run it from the command line:

$ ./runPlanner.py 41 auriga to merivale and baseline
-11:05 walk Auriga/Epsilon (6089)
-11:07 116 Baseline to Merivale/Family Brown at 11:20
-11:24 176 Tunney's Pas to Merivale/Baseline at 11:29
-walk Intersection Baseline/Merivale 11:31
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